Water Treatment Facility for Moly Corp's "Project Phoenix"

Industrial Resources, Inc., completed construction of the control room for a 50,000-square-foot water control facility (WTF) that is part of Moly Corp's "Project Phoenix" in Mountain Pass, CA. The water treatment facility serves the entire $800 million dollar facility and is crucial to its operation.

IRI's scope included the construction of a new process, power and control center to support the concurrent construction of water a treatment building, installed by project general contractor TIC/Kiewit. The control room was designed by Veolia and served as the "brains" and main source of power distribution for the water treatment process equipment.

The project had many challenges, not the least of which was that it was built in an operating mine controlled by MSHA regulations – one of the highest safety standards in the construction industry. The project schedule was very demanding - the entire facility was constructed, tested and placed into operation in under six months. It was built in the height of summer with 110 degree to 115 degree temperatures. To ensure worker safety IRI built temporary shelters, modified work hours and made certain that there was plenty of water available to the workers. IRI delivered on every traditional metric of the project: quality, schedule and budget without a single safety incident.

IRI chose to perform the work as a traditional construction manager utilizing local trade contractors to complete the work. Mike Douglas, project manager for IRI worked directly with TIC/ Kiewit project manager, Tim Timko and Darrel Safranek.